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Paf Game Studio presents - Sällskapsresan

​Sällskapsresan is a Paf exclusive online slot developed in collaboration with the Swedish artist Lasse Åberg. The game is based on the iconic comedy movie ”Sällskapsresan”, where Lasse himself plays a typical Swede on vacation in the fiction town Nueva Estocolmo. For those who have seen the movie we guarantee a whole lot of giggle and one or two nostalgia trips!

The purpose of the game is to donate profits for the preservation of the Baltic Sea. A cause dear to Lasse himself who spends most part of his summers on Gotland, an island in the heart of the Baltic sea. In fact he thinks it’s so important to preserve the area, that he will donate a total of €20 000 to the work for a more sustainable use of the sea, and that's not all. Lasse is planning to donate even more of the profits as more people play the game. That's what makes Lasse a hero and a true inspiration.

Head for the game and support the restauration af the Baltic sea.

We wish you a great week Pafpartners

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