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Paf Game Studio presents - Sällskapsresan

In cooperation with Lasse Åberg we proudly present the Sällskapsresan slot machine - a game developed by Paf exclusively for Paf customers.

The game will take you on a nostalgia trip together with the infamous Swedish character Stig-Helmer. In addition to bonus games and free spins features the game has a big progressive jackpot that can be won on any bet level.

Sällskapsresan /

Celebrate the arrival of Sällskapsresan by taking part in a campaign packed with great prizes​

Every day, players can choose whether to participate in a cash raffle or a free spins raffle. All they need to do is to choose which raffle they want to take part in and play for €5 on Sällskapsresan, then come back the day after and see if they have won.

Every day, 500 players win 20 free spins, and 200 players win €10 in cash. Ready for takeoff?

Have a great week Your Pafpartners-team

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