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New Paf Studio Game: Spanish Slot, Enjuto Mojamuto

We are so proud to launch this game!!! :)

Following the steps made in Sweden and Estonian, it is now Spains turn to rejoice a Paf Game Studio slot! We welcome Enjuto Mojamuto!

From today, our Spanish customers can play an exclusive Paf Game Slot based on Enjuto Mojamuto, a famous Spanish cartoon made in 2000 by the comedian Joaquín Reyes, that Paf revivals now under a slot format. A game full of color and jocularity with 6 bonus games and a lot of fun.

The creator of Enjuto, Joaquín Reyes has collaborated in the development of this new game that will be presented today in Madrid surrounded by an exclusive group of collaborators, clients and media.

Download the Enjuto Mojamuto marketing kit, share it with your Spanish editor and inform your Spanish customers about the latest slot´s offer.

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