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Paf - The jackpot casino!  🎉💰

World Record /

​What better way to end the year than winning some money?!

We at Paf are no strangers to having huge jackpot winners at our casino. Yet another player have come to experience that.

One lucky player bet €2 right before midnight on New Years eve and ended up winning … wait for it... €244,760.99!

The jackpot was won in the game Divine Fortune from NetEnt.

World Record breakers​​

2017 became the year when passed another jackpot mile stone. Our 10th win of over one million euros was handed out!

Our top two jackpots were both Guinness World Record breaking wins.

The biggest one handed out in Mega Fortune two year ago. A win of €17.8m with a bet of only €0.25- a return of 71,447,200 to one

To read more about the jackpots won at follow the link.

We wish you a great 2018 Your Pafpartners team

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