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Paf wins award for Best Marketing Campaign

Paf wins award EGR award for best marketing campaign

During the EGR Nordic Awards 2018, which took place on January 18th in Malta, Paf won the award for best “Marketing Campaign”

The award was won for the market specific campaign and game “Sällskapsresan”

In the application for the award Paf brought up what makes the campaign so special. Some of the key factors being that the campaign is based on a market specific game that Paf developed in-house (Paf’s own game studio). One other factor was that Paf chose to collaborate with an iconic, highly credible ambassador, Lasse Holm, which is known for the vast majority of the Swedish people. Not to forget is that a part of the winnings of the game is donated to the charity “Sustainable Sea Foundation”

Being able to show commercial success and creativity as well as innovation and originality was the criteria’s that the EGR jury took in consideration before finally handing out the award to Paf.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our new market specific game SchlagerSlotten that goes live this week!

All the best Your Pafpartners team

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