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Schlagerslottten goes live!

After winning the EGR Nordics award for best marketing campaign last week it’s time to launch the next big campaign in Sweden.

This time Paf has partnered up with the iconic and highly credible Lasse Holm, which is known for the vast majority of the Swedish people.

Lasse Holm is a famous composer, lyricist and singer of pop music, mostly known for his contributions to the Eurovision Song Contest scene.

Together with Mr. Holm, Paf and Paf’s own game studio created a slot that features a Schlager themed slot, some of Lasse Holm's best song and much more.

Follow the link to try the game Schlagerslotten.

More about the campaign​

On the 3rd of February the Schlager festival (melodifestivalen) kicks of in Sweden with the first qualification event for the final that will be held in Stockholm on the 10th of March.

During this period all new players will get 25 free spins in the game Schlager slotten.

​To find out more about the campaigns that will be running contact us by

We wish you a great week!

Your Pafpartners team

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