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Super Bowl Weekend at Paf 🏈

One of the worlds biggest sports event is taking place on Sunday, the Super Bowl LIII!

With over 100 million people watching world wide, The New England Patriots face off the Los Angeles Rams. Will Patriots withstand the pressure and arise to the occasion? Or will the underdog (Rams) take home the prestigious trophy?

To celebrate this massive event, Paf has decide to award all customers that places a bet on Super Bowl with a free bet, The free bet can be used the following Tuesday. Listed below is the different requirements for each market in order to qualify for the free bet. > Sweden: Bet 100 SEK on Super Bowl and get 50 SEK free bet on Tuesday.

> Spain: Bet 10€ on Super Bowl and get 2€ real money on Tuesday.

> Estonia: Bet 10€ on Super Bowl and get 5€ free bet on Tuesday.

> Latvia: Bet 5€ on Super Bowl and get 2€ real money on Tuesday.

For more information regarding the campaign, please contact your affiliate manager. / your pafpartners team

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