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Bingo Summer at Paf

Try your luck in our Bingo Quiz for a chance to win a gift card!

For This summer is bringing lots of exciting competitions to our bingo rooms. Join Linda from Club Paf for an hour, on Tuesdays between 18 and 19, in Paf Bingo and compete in our Bingo Quiz. You can win gift cards for a value of up to 300 SEK during this hour!

Find out more here.


Be sure not to miss all of the chances to extra wins during our Bingo Summer:

The Golden Ticket

When you win on a Golden Ticket, your row win gets doubled!

The Diamond Ticket

When you win on a Diamond Ticket, your row win gets tripled!

Guaranteed pots

A guaranteed pot in the game means that regardless of how many players there are, there will always be a guaranteed pot!

Chat hosts and Club Paf

When there are chat hosts or members of the Club Paf event team in the game, there might be extra win chances, quizzes and other fun competitions as well as nice conversations in the game chat!

More information, rules & requirements, as well as the Bingo Summer Schedule can be found on the Bingo Summer campaign page.

Find out more here.

We wish you a fantastic summer!

/your pafpartners team


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