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Affiliate customer won the 1 000 000 SEK Jackpot

Last week one of our Swedish players won the Jackpot in Bingo Variant. This bingo player found her way to Paf through an affiliate website and in total player won 1 002 758,40 SEK.

Bingo Variant is one of our most popular bingo game with 3 different Progressive Jackpots starting at €50,000, €10,000 and €1,250. Additionally Bingo Variant has a Splash Jackpot; when someone wins a jackpot everybody gets a splash of cash!

Bingo variant is also part of our weekly Bingo Golden Ticket. When you buy regular tickets in the Golden Ticket bingo game of the day, one or several of your tickets might turn out to be a Golden Ticket. When you win on a Golden Ticket your row win gets doubled!

Read more about our Golden Ticket campaign here.

We wish you a fantastic weekend!

/your pafpartners team

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