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Golden Ticket in The New Bingo Game Lucky Colours

Which are your lucky colours?

We can now proudly present our new custom in house made bingo room Lucky Colours. To celebrate this new game we have put up a competition with the chance to win a Golden Ticket. 

Our Golden Tickets appear in Lucky Colours, Cash & Carry Bingo, Aulis Classic ‘75 and Bingo Variant. When you buy regular tickets in the game, one or several of your tickets can turn out to be Golden Tickets. When you win on a Golden Ticket, your row win gets doubled!

The competition is running on Mondays & Wednesdays 11–18 EET in Cash & Carry Bingo, on Thursday 11–18 EET in Aulis Classic ‘75, on Fridays 11–18 EET in Bingo Variant, and Saturdays 16–23 EET in Lucky Colours.

Have a great weekend! /your pafpartners team


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